Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism (simply known as brave) is a systematic program to prevent and counter violent extremism in Kenya. The BRAVE strategy is centered on ideological elements related to violent extremism and terrorism including the narratives and counter-narratives. It also focuses on returnees,young person(including children and youth) and adults in areas considered as hot spots. Aspects of BRAVE are also designed for the general populace.

Expected Outputs, Outcomes and Impact

The BRAVE program is generally expected  reach to approximately twenty (20)  million Kenyans through the the broadcast on the mainstream media and the social media in the first three years of its inception. This will include mobilization through social media and various online platforms. Specific aspects of the BRAVE  programs are expected to reach up to 8 million Kenyans in hot spot areas.

The BRAVE program is anticipated to trigger , initiate , and sustain a momentum for actions on counter-violent extremism, counter-radicalization, and de-radicalization. Momentum built is expected to continuously undermine information asymmetries that favour violent extremist groups gained and used by the violent extremist and militant groups. The program is expected to reduce the percentage preponderance of individuals accepting , sympathizing with or supporting violent extremism: delegitimize  the violent extremist and terrorist groups narratives : reduce the efficacy of their intimidation tactics and contribute  to the general reduction of recruitment of the vulnerable Kenyan youth.

The deeper the awareness and vigilance created among the populace by the BRAVE program i s expected to create more resilient and braver communities. These communities are expected to , in turn , not shy away from confronting violent extremist’s attitudes,beliefs, and actions including those that come from their own. Generating and sustaining informed public debate on all necessary and relevant spaces that frown on, denies space for, rejects and repudiates violent extremism and terrorism, is the ultimate goal of BRAVE.